7 Facts about the Climate Skills Gap and How to Overcome It

7 Facts about the Climate Skills Gap and How to Overcome It

7 facts about the Climate Skills Gap and how to overcome it from Circular Online:

  • 67% of 500 business decision-makers believe there is a green skills shortage in the UK
  • 57% of business leaders believe specialised green skills are important to their companies
  • To address the skills gap, 27% are identifying opportunities, 26% investing in training, and 23% offering on-the-job training and apprenticeships
  • 55% of decision-makers think it’s important for new staff to show consciousness about climate change
  • 27% of employed adults are considering a green job as their next career move, with 47% thinking about renewable energy sector work
  • Nearly half of those considering a green job feel they lack the right skills
  • 49% of employed adults considering a switch want a role that positively impacts the planet and 36% want to future-proof their careers

How to overcome the Climate Skills Gap? Education, Collaboration and active Engagement in climate action.

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