Tom Lye
Tom Lye
Retail: Commercial and Category
Prepared Foods Category Director at Tesco

Tom is the Prepared Foods Category Director at Tesco. He has worked at Tesco for 12 years covering roles across store operations, strategy, divestments and commercial. He lives in Hertfordshire with his partner Niamh and their three children.

“Fundamentally I see two levers, change practices and shift demand to different products. Everyone in the value chain can be a part of both to greater or lesser extents and, like any system change, solutions need to work for all stakeholders – so we need to work together on solutions that support livelihoods, give families safe, nutritious, enjoyable food AND support sustainable, regenerative practices. If we can do that, solutions can scale.”

Why are you onboard the Future Food Movement? “It's my responsibility as a leader in a large food company to help create a better food system. I think people follow your feet, not your lips. We’ll inspire change when we start meeting the commitments we’ve made.”