Nash Gierak
Nash Gierak
Sustainability Consultant + Strategist

Nash Gierak is a freelance sustainability consultant and strategist based in London. Nash works with a range of businesses—from start-ups to well-established companies—to help them confidently meet (and exceed!) the sustainability standards within their industries. Believing there is no one size fits all solution, Nash provides clients with a range of options, across a range of budgets.

By adhering to minimalist values, she is able to streamline and simplify processes for clients to create cost, time, and space-efficient solutions. For an idea of the varied scope of her work, Nash advises on all aspects of a supply chain, including agriculture, freighting, welfare, packaging, sourcing, and provenance. She also creates bespoke training programmes, contributes copy to tender literature, draws up intersectional and multidisciplinary sustainability strategy and policy documents, and oversees accreditation with bodies including ISO, and B. Corp.

Nash holds a BA (Hons), and an MA, for which she was awarded a scholarship. She is an experienced commissioned writer and regularly turns around content for press and digital platforms. During lockdown, she produced the popular podcast 'How to Be A Minimalist (The Sustainable Way)', which—at over 15,000 downloads—has been consistently praised for its warm and witty style. In her spare time, Nash has built a loyal following on social media showing the realistic side of a sustainable modern lifestyle with a young family. Nash has since developed a niche, and is a respected voice in the food and events industries. In the summer of 2022, Nash took part in a panel discussion at Wilderness Festival chaired by The Guardian's Clare Finney. She appeared alongside chefs Will Devlin, Harriet Mansell, and Sam Buckley discussing what the British country and seaside can offer to replace ingredients usually imported from countries across the globe. Her current clients include Social Pantry, and Plain Jane Events.

Social Pantry / Plain Jane Events
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