Mike Barry
Mike Barry
Sustainable Business Transformation Advisory
Future Food Movement Coach and Moderator
Supplier to industry

Mike was Director of Sustainable Business at M&S helping develop, implement and evolve its ground-breaking sustainability program, Plan A (because there is no Plan B for the one planet we have). Today he’s consulting across the economy with organisations big and small, private and public.

Why are you a Future Food Movement Coach?
The global food sector is the most important one on the planet, it quite literally sustains us. But it has an outsized, growing and unsustainable impact on society (wellbeing to human rights) and the planet (GHG emissions to water use, soil and biodiversity loss). In turn it is uniquely vulnerable to the impacts its unleashing, especially weather extremes, at the very time the global population is growing. It is also, compared to other sectors, particularly hard to change. It’s political, heavily subsidised, populated by big and small (600m smallholders) and very, very price and availability sensitive.

New ways of producing and consuming food are emerging but technologies are not enough; at heart it is a deeply human sector and the Future Food Movement is there to engage, inspire, empower and upskill those who work in and/or care about it to create a very much more sustainable approach to food.

Future Food Movement
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