Ben Williams
Ben Williams
Ally since May 2022
Sustainability Manager
Dairy products

Ben has accumulated nearly 20 years of experience in the pork and dairy sectors, engaging in farming, processing, and product supply. At AHDB Ben delivered knowledge exchange programmes for UK pork suppliers, undertaking R&D, commissioning and project managing but largely focused on turning that R&D into useful information, processes and resources for UK farmers. Areas of focus included on farm efficiency, behaviour change, novel feeds, fuels and fertilisers as well as sustainable farming solutions. Now serving as the Sustainability Manager for Leprino Foods, Ben plays a crucial role in supporting Leprino’s 400 contracted farmers in the production of sustainable dairy products. Ben remains involved in the butchering and processing aspects, on a smaller scale.

What changes do you want to see from the food industry in the transition to a sustainable system for nature, health and climate?

"A shift is needed, focusing on demanding action regarding efficiency and providing greater support for farmers to facilitate change at a faster pace, along with the necessary support to achieve it. There should be consideration on how we adopt and adapt to change, rather than relying solely on more legislation and technology, without addressing the systemic barriers to change. Encouraging greater collaboration across the supply chain and increasing education up the supply chain are crucial aspects."

What inspired you to agree to be part of our Farmer’s Advisory Board?

"Because attending events where the supply chain communicates expectations to farmers without a farmer's voice present is a common experience."

Glanbia Cheese Ltd.
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