Anna Jackson
Anna Jackson
Ally since December 2023
Regenerative Farming
Farmer and Photographer

Anna's life seamlessly blends urban and rural experiences. Starting on a farm, she launched a sports photography business while managing the waste reduction non-profit 'A Zero Waste Life.'

When the pandemic hit, she returned to the farm, guided by her father and inspired by 'Dirt to Soil' by Gabe Brown, adopting regenerative farming practices. Their farm concentrates on arable cultivation, employing sheep for grazing and disease control. They've abstained from plowing since 2015 and adopted a no-till approach since 2020. Crop varieties include peas, a 10-way wheat blend, a three-way oilseed rape blend with clover, grass with clover, oats, and beans. They also rent land for pigs, contributing to a more sustainable rotation.

What changes do you want to see from the food industry in the transition to a sustainable system for nature, health and climate?

"Working with farmers and learning from farmers who are either sequestering carbon or working towards that goal is essential. Conducting trials with farmers and reducing overall chemical usage are key objectives. Furthermore, discussing the necessary income for farmers to achieve sustainability would be highly beneficial."

What inspired you to agree to be part of our Farmer’s Advisory Board?

"The prospect of contributing to positive change in an industry that needs it most!"

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