Youth Advisory Board

Age 17, Surrey

I’d love to do something that makes me and others happy and ideally makes a difference. I don’t think we really get to know what is out there in terms of jobs enough especially in school so I’d be really open to learning about lots of industries and the jobs within them.

David Attenborough is probably the person that is my biggest inspiration, he has captured the attention of so many people young and old in his fight for climate change. Although he is older he is so passionate and has spent his life fighting for a cause he believes in which is so admirable.

As a young person I think the time is now for our generation to stand up and be counted. It is sometimes difficult as you think you don’t have a voice and all the people who make decisions don’t listen to you because you are not old enough to vote. But I do think that young people have a voice and I also think we can be part of the solution.

I would definitely consider a job in the food industry as I think food is everywhere and everyone eats. It would be good to work on marketing and learning how you get people to pick your product over someone elses and what makes people make decisions on what to buy.