Andrew Court
Andrew Court
Ally since October 2023
Regenerative Farming
Mixed Farming
Arable & Beef

Andrew farms in partnership with his family in the heart of Staffordshire. Together, they run a mixed beef and arable enterprise, utilising regenerative farming techniques across 274 acres. Their herd of 100 Aberdeen Angus cattle are finished for Sainsbury's, while they continually develop their diverse arable rotation to produce high-quality grains for human consumption. Andrew works closely with organisations such as Severn Trent and LEAF on environmental and research projects. Aside from this, he pursues numerous educational and networking opportunities with accolades including; Just Farmers Scholar, Oxford Farming Conference Inspire Scholar, incoming chairman of the Farmers Under 35s, and Member of the Institute of Agricultural Engineers Council.

What changes do you want to see from the food industry in the transition to a sustainable system for nature, health and climate?

"I want to see a transition away from a dated, disjointed marketing system, where a farmer is truly disconnected from their customers, to a two way relationship where farmers and retailers can actively engage and converse with each other, so that they can collaborate to achieve both parties goals."

What inspired you to agree to be part of our Farmer’s Advisory Board?

"Simple, it's easy to sit and criticise and moan about challenges but we must take ownership of the challenges we face, and this is an opportunity to have a small part in potentially shaping the future of our sector."

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