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we are excited to host OUR JUNE session with coach emma gage, Thursday 15th, June, 10 AM GMT.

What does success in sustainability look like? How do you know if you are doing a good job? We have heard it been said that there is never an easy day if you work in climate…

…as ultimately this is about business transformation.

Learn from our Business Coach Emma Gage who is coming along to our next Community Huddle

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She will give us practical advice on:

  • How to manage your emotional energy for impact
  • How to rethink success
  • The habits and hacks of self-care

Rob Iles is a Future Food Movement Coach and leadership facilitator supporting the flagship Accelerator Learning Experience, helping teams to understand the future consumer and workforce to unlock climate action. ​Rob is also the Founder and Managing Director of Visionise Ltd, with 25 years’ experience working for large manufacturers in the UK Food & Drink Sector.

Kate Cawley is founder of Future Food Movement and Veris Strategies and is our Next Gen Sustainability Coach. This community is a supportive environment, come with your cameras on, grab a coffee and have a chat, we are all in it together.

Emma Gage is Founder of the Wild Ones, and Leadership Coach for our community.

We welcome participants from our previous session to please return and expand on the questions and concerns raised in the previous session. We strongly encourage new faces to join this month’s session as well, don’t miss out and sign up now!

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