Charlie Curtis
Charlie Curtis
Regen Agri Expert
Future Food Movement Coach
Supplier to industry

Progressive Agriculture Services is a company founded with the main objective to bring regenerative, sustainable agriculture to the farming sector. Charlie’s role is to work closely with farmers and growers to uncover and maximise their journey in clear, measured, and achievable steps to deliver a more resilient farming system.

A seasoned Agronomist with over 15 years under her belt, Charlie has worked on farms in roles that have developed and delivered regenerative agriculture strategies and practises in Arable and Produce rotations.

Formally a Senior Agronomist for the M&S, Charlie has had the fortune to visit and study national and international farming supply chains – ranging across Africa, North and South America and Europe– bringing back the knowledge and deploying it across her client base with real life testimonials on what can and has been achieved in real life application.

"I am proud to be part of the FFM, to be connected and inspired by likeminded people who not only want to drive change, but to be the change. The movement inspires me to recall the hummingbird story from the Kenyan Nobel peace prize winner, Wangari Maathai. It’s time for us to stop watching the hummingbird, but join him– we need lots more hummingbirds if we are ever going to put out our climate fire.

They say ‘real change occurs from the bottom up’, and in the case of food that is at the farm level. I work with farmers to unlock the potential of their farms, together we redesign their farming systems to one that is future proof against climate change, economic and political instability. It is key to the Future of Food that we guide and support farmers to a more resilient way of farming; one that restores and regenerates - and ultimately is resilient."

Progressive Agriculture Services
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