“If you believe in it, fight for it” Louise Nicholls

“If you believe in it, fight for it” Louise Nicholls, Founder of Suseco and Future Food Movement Coach.

You do not need to abandon your current role if you do not have a sustainability title; you can still be an agent of positive change with a commercial job title – you just have to champion your own beliefs and knowledge and keep fighting.

As we know, ‘we are the first generation to know that we are destroying the planet and the last one that can do anything about it.’ So now is the time to act and to lead change. 

Whether this is for social justice, equality, the planet, or just your little bit of it, now is the time to think about your role as a human being to fight for what you believe and to make a difference. 

Even if the change you make is a small one, make that change happen, rather than hope someone else will. This is the time to ‘vote’ for the world you want. 

I believe the food sector needs to be at the heart of leading this change and sustainability means tackling not just environmental issues. I am looking forward to the debate and to helping Accelerator participants solve some of today’s ‘Wicked Problems’.

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